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2017 Conference Registration

March 6, 2017 by biggreenschools | 0 comments

The Big Green Schools Conference 2017 will be a day of dynamic exploration and discovery for Students and Teachers held over two days. Day One will be hosted by Carrum Primary School on Friday 28 April. Day Two will be hosted by St.Louis De Montfort’s Primary School on Wednesday 13 September.

On Day One of the Conference, Students and Teachers will:

+ Experience ‘hands on’ action in a variety of workshops conducted by students, showcasing great sustainable activity. Workshop sessions include – soft plastics revolution, aviary & wetlands management, rubbish reduction at school, managing chooks & goats, food scraps & buckets, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen & Garden, Beach & Park Community action.

+ City of Kingston Parks & Foreshore Rangers will also be showcasing sustainable action in Parks & Foreshore workshops.

The 2017 Conference will feature our own project based Big Green Schools ‘Golden Chook Award’ competition that all students will be striving to achieve in 2017.

The Big Green Schools Conference 2017 is a Free Event for schools, supported by the City of Kingston.

To register Students and Teachers for the Conference, please email:

2015 Conference Registration Open!

March 16, 2015 by biggreenschools | 0 comments

In 2015, the Big Green Schools Conference will be held over two days, on Friday 8 May and Wednesday 9 September. This year we’re focussing on ResourceSmart 5 Star Sustainability and the Ideas & Strategies Schools can use to achieve 5 Star Certification.

Registration for Day One of the Conference, to be held at Carrum Primary School on Friday 8 May, is now available on our Registration webpage.